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 Park Side Healing の新型コロナウィルス対策 















  Announcement of the preventive measures against COVID-19 at Park Side Healing  


Dear our customers,

When you have cold symptoms or a fever, please refrain from visiting us. Upon arrival to the salon, you are encouraged to clean your fingers with the equipped alcohol spray, followed by immediate shower to wash your hair and body carefully.

The treatment will be made on the back side of your body mainly, while we are going to set up a small partition at your neck position during the face-up treatment.

We are placing a partition at the table where you can relax after the treatment.

We are making the best effort to avoid droplets or spits from reaching you, and we expect that our customers shall not make intentional contacts with droplets or spits.

We will be able to sanitize shoe soles or masks of customers with alcohol or hypochlorous acid water, if necessary.

The therapist wears a mask all the time.


Please do understand and follow our preventive measures against COVID-19 for your own health, which may seem overreacting.



Please understand and agree with our service policy and conditions before booking.

Relaxation  and  Re-conditioning  Salon 

Park Side Healing  

Relax For Men (Men Only)

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